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Can't find your plate design? We can make almost anything! With the number of states, different combinations and styles from all over this great land we will never be able to keep up!

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The infamous NA HERO JZA80 Supra! Formally known as LRG SOUP, This full metal widebody Supra is a sight to see. Once Turbo Charged Brendon converted his Supra to a ITB NA setup and heck! Does it sound awesome!


PlateGameUSA for 1320Video! ๐Ÿ”ซ

1320 Video is the largest most well known street car media group in the world! We have been friends with Kyle and Fred from 1320 for some time now and have loved watching them grow beyond 2M IG Followers! The sky is the limit for this team as a passion for racing has led them to worldwide media domination.

1320 Video

Our Amazing friend Button Built!

Mitch Button and his F355 before it underwent major surgery, I think this photo is actually just before the car was pulled apart and shocked the world at SEMA 2019 with its Super GT inspired insane widebody aero custom Twin Turbo Setup.

Button Built


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